Just above the ground, close to the tree tops, lies a great hope for victory

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A Tribute to Pakistan Army Aviation Aviators for Their Hard Work, Selflessness and Indomitable Spirit.

army aviation veterans

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aviators at work in Northern areas

Pakistan Army Aviation Also Provides Search & Rescue Facilities in Northern Areas to Climber from All Over the World

combat group

Powerful arm of Pakistan Army Aviation, which can strike havoc in the ranks of  enemy
Aftermath of September 11, 2001 (9/11) made Pakistan a front-line state to fight the terrorism. During WAR AGAINST TERROR, Army Aviation flew 1,853 missions and generated 6190 flying hours by the end of 2007.

pilot gateways

skardu valley

satpara lake

This valley leads to the Deosai Plains, The Highest Plains of the World. Streams from Deosai Plains mix up with the Satpara lake.

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